• CloudFront Price Classes

    Price Class All Price Class 200 Price Class 100 United States United States United States Canada Canada Canada Europe Europe Europe Hong Kong, Philippines, S. Korea, Singapore & Taiwan Hong Kong, Philippines, S. Korea, Singapore & Taiwan Japan Japan India India South Africa South Africa South America Australia Source:

  • Run rsync as sudo

    You might see challenge when you want to run rsync as sudo, run below command run to rsync as sudo  


  • HOW TO: Bypass ClamAV Signature on Zimbra

    Recently I encountered a bug on clamav signature having false positive for Win.Exploit.CVE_2016_3316-1   Ref. Which was causing emails with doc and docx file bounce. This can be fixed with below commands  


  • How to Add Disk to Ubuntu LVM

    Follow these steps to add your new disk to ubuntu LVM 1.) Login to your server 2.) Install Logical Volume Manager ( If its not installed ).

    3.) Check the name of your new disk by below command

    4.) Convert your new disk to a physical volume

    5.) Check your Machine’s Volume […]

  • LG G4 Marshmallow Update

    Installing Marshmallow Update on my LG G4, here’s the official change log:


  • How To Get A+ Score on Qualys SSL Labs For Nginx Server

    Its long since my last post. Here’s the optimal configuration for Nginx for getting A+ Score on I have tested this working on Ubuntu 14.04. Generate dhparams file with below command

    Edit your site configuration for eg. ( /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/  Add / Change your site’s configuration as per below code.

    Restart Nginx Server […]

  • How to Migrate Project Server

    Want to migrate project server?? Here are the steps.. 1.) Install MS project Server and Configure everything on other server on which you want to migrate. 2.) Backup Content database of old project server from SQL Server Management Studio. [ Incase you are migrating SQL server also, else this step is not required] 3.) Restore […]