LG G4 Marshmallow Update

LG G4 Marshmallow Update

Installing Marshmallow Update on my LG G4, here’s the official change log:

New OS version:
V20c-FEB-03-2016 (879.26 MB)

1. Android OS Upgrade
2. Apps will now ask for permissions after they are installed to better protect your information on the phone. Apps with no permissions may be limited in use or have issues. You can check or change these settings later in Settings > Apps > Permissions
3. The screen for Apps settings has been simplified and offers various app management features
4. The battery will now be optimized automatically when the phone or apps are not in use for a certain period of time. Alarms may not sound, and notifications from the apps that are not updated to the latest OS version may not be received during battery optimization. To ensure notificiations are received from certain apps, go to Settings > Battery & power saving > Batter usage > Ignore optimizations.
5. The brightness slider can now be seen adjusting automatically depending on the ambient light when you use Auto-brightness.
6. Direct Share is available. You can receive recommendations for which app and contact to share a link with. For LG apps, Messaging and email are available as communication apps.
7. Google apps and services can now be managed in Settings > Google.
8. Interruptions has ben renamed to Do Not Disturb
9. The Knock Code settings have been changed. The knock code must be atleast 6 taps and use at least 3 different quarters.
10. LG Brdige bas been renamed to LG AirDrive
11. Memory info can now be seen in Settings > Memory.
12. Notifications can now be seen at the top of the screen when Allow Peeking is used to have none of them block the screen.
13. QMemo+ has been renamed to Capture+.
14. Silent mode has been added to the sound profile.
15. Swiping left or right to delete in Messaging and Email can now be undone by swiping in opposite direction.


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