Aarat Nathwani

Aarat Nathwani
AWS Certified Solution Architect DevOps / System Administrator / System Engineer with 10+ Years Experience.
Ahmedabad – India

AWS Certified Solution Architect / Devops / System Administrator Having Proficient Hands-On Experience on Various Technologies Like Linux / Windows / Cloud Computing / Python Scripting.


Devops / System Administrator Having 10 + Years of Proficient Experience in Technologies Like AWS, Ubuntu / Debian / Redhat / Cent OS Servers, Windows Servers, Python and Shell Scripting.

  • A Self Starter, Highly Motivated, Analytical and Detail Oriented.
  • Experience with IT Automation on Python / Shell Scripts and Ansible.
  • Experience with Containers like Docker.
  • Have Successfully Managed and Supported On-Premise Client/Server, Virtualization and Cloud Based Systems.
  • Experience with Mission Critical and Disaster Recovery Environment
  • Experience with Various Source Control Management Technologies like GIT.
  • Experience with Large Scale SAAS (Software As A Service) Environment.
  • Experience in Chat + Emails + Telephonic + Remote support to Worldwide Clients.
  • Experience Supporting 3000+ AWS Instances serving more than 5 million customers.
  • Experience working with global distributed teams
TecStub Inc
July 2018 to Present
Senior Devops Engineer
  • Setup Git WorkFlow
  • Created Terraform Stacks for AWS
  • Setup Ansible Dynamic Inventory for Provisioning Servers
  • Setup Continuous Delivery Pipeline on Gitlab CI.
  • Working on Devops Architecture for upcoming projects with microservices.
  • Setup Local deployment environment on Linux & Docker.
  • Configure AWS Organizations for best practices and separation between various environments.
  • Created AWS Lambda Function with cloud watch events which utilizes SQS in backend for message processing.
  • Setup Nginx as reverse proxy for Apache.
  • Configure Nginx to Service Static Files.
  • Setup Cloudflare as CDN and WAF.
  • Setup Galera & Proxysql for enhancing MySQL Server Performance.
  • Utilize and integrate services like AWS CloudFront, S3, EC2, ALB, CloudWatch,
  • Route53, IAM, SQS, SES, Lambda, Cloudwatch, RDS Serverless & Elasticache.
  • Participate in Application Architecture Decision meetings
Feb 2018 To July 2018
Technical Lead Level 2
  • Visited large Home Security customer in Silicon Valley for very crucial project.
  • Supporting 3000+ AWS Instances serving more than 5 million customers.
  • Point of contact for Emergencies related to Production AWS infrastructure.
  • Implemented Infrastructure as code with Terraform & Chef.
  • Created custom shell / python scripts for various automation purposes.
  • Guiding team of more than 15+ members.
  • Responsible for Production Environment Monitoring Using Various Network
  • Monitoring Tools like Zabbix, Appdynamics & AWS Cloudwatch
  • Responsible for configuration management and deployments using Chef
  • Supporting AWS Services like Direct Connect, VPC, DynamoDB, Lambda, S3,
  • Glacier, ElastiCache, Elastic Load Balancer, WAF & Shield, IAM, RDS and ECS.
  • Managing Complex AWS Infrastructure spread amongst various accounts and multiple regions.
Casting Networks
May 2014 – Present
Sr. Systems Engineer
  • Point of contact for Emergencies related to Production / Corporate Environment.
  • Implemented Ansible Playbooks for various Linux roles like Nginx, Redis & common Linux services like apt, yum, syslog, snmp etc.
  • Responsible for code release and liasing with Quality Assurance team for testing and remediating errors after analyzing errors and application logs.
  • Responsible for IT Process Automation using Python scripts / Django Web Framework.
  • Responsible for Production Environment Monitoring Using Various Network Monitoring Tools like Intermapper, EventSentry, New Relic, Syslogs.
  • Created Custom Command Line / SNMP Probes to Monitor RabbitMQ, Redis, PowerMTA, Double Take, Backup Exec and Dell Equallogic.
  • Responsible for Managing Disaster Recovery Environment.
  • Created Open VPN Appliance along with the client deployment packages with embedded VPN configurations for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Integrated Open VPN with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Setup MRTG Graphs for Various Devices like Firewall and WAN Switches.
  • Responsible for Troubleshooting Client / Server VOIP issues across Global Geographic Locations.
  • Responsible for Supporting Production infrastructure based on Citrix Netscaler, Nginx, IIS, AWS CloudFront, AWS S3, AWS VPC.
  • Responsible for Documenting Technical Procedures and Creating SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on Internal Wiki (Media Wiki).
  • Responsible for Redis Server Management on Development / Test and Production Environment.
  • Responsible for Internal IT Hardware Requirements and Vendor Negotiations.
  • Assisting Globally Located Users with the Issues Related to IT.
  • Responsible for various other IT projects related to IT Environment Monitoring and IT Automations.
  • Participate with routine Monthly Maintenance which includes Windows / Linux Updates and Firmware Updates for Various Devices.
SSL Store
May 2013 – April 2014
Sr. System Administrator
  • Assisted Global Customers for issues related to SSL Certification Installation.
  • Responsible for Documenting Process For Installing SSL Certificates on Various Servers.
  • Providing Live Support Over Chat and Calls using Remote Support Tools to Customers.
  • Assisting Customers to Choose the Most Suitable SSL Certificate according to their Requirements and Servers.
  • Responsible for Managing Sandbox Servers, Development Servers and Production Servers.
  • Successfully Migrated Corporate Users from Exchange Server Environment to Rackspace Hosted Email.
  • Responsible for Monitoring Various Production Servers.
  • Migrated Servers from On-Premise to Amazon EC2.
  • Responsible for Managing Servers Hosted on Amazon EC2 Environment.
  • Responsible for Production System Backups.
  • Worked Closely With Software Development Team for issues related to IIS, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Servers.
ECS Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.
May 2011 – April 2013
System Administrator
  • Responsible for Managing Corporate Email Communication on Microsoft Exchange / Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
  • Migrated 200+ Users From Microsoft Exchange Server to Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
  • Setup Scalable and Redundant IT infrastructure with IBM DS Series Storage, IBM Blade Servers, Dell Rack Servers, Sonicwall and L2 / L3 Cisco / Nortel Switches.
  • Virtualized The IT Infrastrcutre with Citrix Xen Server consisting 100+ Virtual Servers.
  • Responsible for supporting 70+ Branches across nation for VOIP, VPN and ILL ( Internet Leased Line).
  • Responsible for Oracle Database creation / backup / management on RHEL servers.
  • Setup Microsoft Remote App Terminal Servers for ERP / POS Purpose.
  • Setup and Managed Microsoft Active Directory infrastrcure.
  • Responsible for monitoring servers with WMI / SNMP using ManageEngine OPManager.
  • Responsible for Installation / Maintenance of Plesk WebHosting servers running on CentOS
  • Setup Terminal Server running on Ubuntu with Clients using PXE Boot ROM to connect to Terminal Server.
  • Responsible for supporting VOIP infrastructure running on Asterisk.
eClinicalWorks India Pvt. Ltd.
December 2009 – May 2011
System Administrator
  • Responsible for Supporting Healthcare Professionals Across USA for SAAS ( Software As A Service) Environment.
  • Responsible for Managing Windows Server Environment consisting of Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Clustering Service, WSUS Servers.
  • Responsible for Backups of Various Windows / Linux Servers with BackupExec and R1 Backup.
  • Responsible for Monitoring and Maintenance of Servers in 15+ Datacenters with 450+ Servers on Each Datacenter.
  • Responsible for Managing Disaster Recovery Environment located between various Geo-locations.
  • Responsible for Manging and Maintenance of Various Production Services like FTP, IIS, Apache Tomcat.
  • Responsible for Management and Maintenance of VMWare ESXi Environment for Updates, Vmotion And Storage LUNs.
  • Responsible for Setting up Production Infrastructure Monitoring on WhatsUp Gold and Creation of Custom Probes for Custom Production Service Monitoring.
  • Responsible for Managing Network Security Infrastructure consisting Sonicwall and Cisco ASA.
  • Responsible for Assisting Customer’s IT for Creation and Troubleshooting of VPN Tunnels.
Key Skills
Experience creating re-usable IAC stacks with terraform and terragrunt.
Experience setting up CI/CD piplelines on Gitlab CI and Jenkins.
Created various plays / playbooks for automating various repetitive tasks with the help of various Ansible modules. Also contributing to ansible community for adding features to modules / bugs.
Ubuntu / Linux
Managing stack of 50+ and growing Ubuntu Linux servers. Responsible for Various maintenance things like security fixes, updates, configuration changes etc.
Experience with Various AWS Services Like EC2, S3, CloudFront, SES, and VPC. Created Various python scripts to automate AWS operations.
5+ Years of Excellent Experience with Large Scale Virtualized Infrastructure with Vmware ESXi and Citrix XenSenter.
Experience with IT Automation Using Python Scripting and integration of the scripts with various platforms.
ELK Stack
Experience with ELK ( Elastic Search / Log Stash / Kibana) Stack configuration with beats, logstash plugin. Used it for gathering logs for postfix, nginx, apache2, syslogs and custom CSV data.
Experience in creating web applications using Django Framework for IT Automation Process.
Considerable Hands On Experience with LAMP / LEMP infrastructure.
Infrastructure Monitoring
Experience with infrastructure monitoring tools like MRTG, New Relic, Intermapper and WhatsUp Gold etc. Created custom probes for various monitoring purposes and implemented automated actions based on the alerts.
Configured Zimbra for email collaboration. Good experience with security hardening techniques.
Configured various email configurations with the help of postfix. Experience with Postfix Security Hardening.
Experience with Gitlab, Gitlab-Ci, CI/CD pipelines.
Experience with RabbitMQ Basics, configuration. Created custom rabbitmq monitors for monitoring queues.
Open VPN
Experience with Open VPN Integration and custom hooks creation. Successfully integrated Open VPN with Active Directory and Access Lists based on User’s Active Directory Group Membership.
SonicWall / Cyberoam
5+ Years of Experience with Firewalls like Sonicwall / Cyberoam. Excellent Setup and Troubleshooting Skills.
Micorosoft Windows Server
Over a decade of experience with Various Versions of Microsoft Windows Server. ( Windows 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2003).
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