Sharepoint Config Database Suspect

After weekend I am back to office and found our sharepoint server database to be suspect..

we use Sharepoint server 2007 and SQL server 2008 as a database provdier..

Following are the steps that one should follow to bring sharepoint database to normal..

1.)  Remember to take backup of the database once the configuration is over..

2.) Restore the database if you have backup..

3.) If you are not having backup of the database then it would be great trouble for you.

Steps to be taken in absence of backup.

1.) Put the database in to emergency mode by using command

alter database “Sharepoint_config” set emergency

[Note: “Sharepoint_config” is the database name of your sharepoint configuration database”]

2.) Take the database in single user mode by going to properties of database >> options >> Restrict Access >> Single User

3.) run query dbcc checkdb (‘sharepoint_config’, repair_allow_data_loss)

4.) Voila its up now.. Now u need to get the database in multi user again..

If Incase it stucks at single user prompt then just take the database offline and bring it back to online and then put it to emergency mode and then try to run dbcc command.

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