Windows Seven First View

Just installed windows 7 on my HP Pavilion Laptop… Overall its really Fast operating system.. all the memory consumptions features were removed and made widows vista simple..

Things that i noticed:

1.) Removed Sidebar — Great Job (windows vista was chewing up the memory)
2.) Windows media player 12 — Really Great now comes with Dolby Digital.. Great sound quality.
3.) Renewed Task bar — Really Great concept, I just loved it..
4.) Great Speed — Really Optimized Speed then windows vista.
5.) Application Compatibility — Thats really Cool Feature (almost we can make run all the applications)
6.) Great Themes and Desktop Apperance — Really Themes are great and cool Desktop appearance.
7.) Very simple to manage User account control.
8.) Great Operating system for Touch enabled computers.
9.) Missed dreamscenes that where in windows vista.. although they were consuming memory
10.) Media player’s library not having directory addition feature.. what if my songs are stored in external or another partition??

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